Cyber laws have become an integral part of a well-functioning legal system for every stable country around the world. This also holds true for India. As a thriving digital hub and an emerging digital market, India is slowly developing its cyber laws and cyber jurisprudence, including passing various legislations addressing such matters, issuing progressive judgments, and encouraging legal research.

These laws are complex in nature owing to their subject matter and the arduous task of imposing liability on corporate actors when the transactions they perform transcend national borders. It becomes difficult to correlate a legislation with its corresponding rules and the legal developments occurring through new Court decisions.

This website contains links to the latest edition of amended cyber laws in India as well as prominent regulations on data protection & privacy from around the world that have an impact on the Indian digital industry. It also contains the most recent judgments on various matters pertaining to IT such as Aadhar, the right to speech on the internet, the right to privacy, etc.